Members' testimonials

Being a member of the IICC has proven to be a very good decision, as we have not found any other group or forum where to gain such a comprehensive overview of the global ice cream industry and its trends. We could give many examples of such statement, but above all I would highlight the tremendous support from other IICC members in empowering GKM to make important improvements in our Company such as the implementation of lean manufacturing or our new go-to-market strategy.

Besides that, it is always a pleasure to learn about new commercial and technical approaches, many of which have been successfully implemented in our home market and factories.

Alejandro Balaguer

Deputy Managing Director GKM & IICC President, GKM

For Ledo the IICC Membership is an opportunity to share experiences with experts from the industry. The yearly conference provides a unique platform to present our innovative concepts which we are extremely proud of. The conference also fosters cooperation among members – and thanks to the IICC we are achieving outstanding export sales results.

Dario Vrabec

Director of Marketing & Development, Ledo

Being the IICC member for Australia provides Bulla Dairy Foods with a wide level of exposure to the combined innovation, marketing, operational and technical knowledge of the group.
As a combined total, IICC members represent one of the largest manufacturers of ice cream in the world. All members benefit from the true spirit of cooperation and collaboration which exists within the consortium, sharing their knowledge, experience, bench marking information and industry insights for the benefit of all.

Peter Anderson

Company Director, Bulla Dairy Foods

The IICC conference is an invaluable tool for its members. The transparency of the organization ensures a flow of knowledge, be it operational tips or commercial opportunities.  Above and beyond the actual conference sessions, the casual conversations at the social events have tremendous value.  Within the first hour of the last conference I had a conversation about sugar crystallization in finished product with two of the other member countries. This conversation led my company on a path to eliminating a production problem we had for the last 43 years!

Ashley Chapman

VP, Chapman’s Ice Cream