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IICC Membership Benefits

  • Keeping up to date on the latest industry developments throughout the world
  • Access to a network of real industry experts
  • Open discussions – particularly on new product development, marketing campaigns, operational benchmarking and analysis. Communications and meetings serve as an occasion for individual members to conduct legitimate business and learn from each others practical experiences.
  • Practical help – real cooperation and hands-on assistance on technical, operational and commercial issues
  • Opportunities for new business relationships as well as networking with equipment, packaging and ingredients suppliers


New Member Selection Principles

  • New Members are selected based on their independence and market success
  • Existing IICC members will need to vote unanimously for a prospective member to join
  • New members interested to join can evaluate the organisation by participating in the conference for free
  • Members shall remain free at all times to join other initiatives. Members shall not be restricted in any respect in the ways they decide to conduct their business. All actions of members remain voluntary. Each individual member remains free to make independent, competitive business decisions.

Members’ testimonials

The IICC conference is an invaluable tool for its members. The transparency of the organization ensures a flow of knowledge, be it operational tips or commercial opportunities.  Above and beyond the actual conference sessions, the casual conversations at the social events have tremendous value.  Within the first hour of the last conference I had a conversation about sugar crystallization in finished product with two of the other member countries. This conversation led my company on a path to eliminating a production problem we had for the last 43 years!

Ashley Chapman

VP, Chapman’s Ice Cream