Who we are

The International Ice Cream Consortium (IICC) is an association of independent Ice Cream manufacturers including 14 leading ice cream market companies from Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia Pacific. Combined as a group, we are among the top 3 Ice Cream Producers globally, with an output of over 1.5 billion liters per year.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a competitive edge for independent ice cream companies by strengthening individual knowledge, developing capabilities and by providing a global perspective through a structured, collective effort.
We openly share industry related information thereby creating a continuous overview of what’s happening in ice cream all around the world. In short, we are an association that can promote the exchange of ideas and vital market information that individual members could not accomplish on their own.
Through our key activities we have created a worldwide network for independent ice cream manufacturers.

What we do

Once a year we …

  • Hold a conference where members share business experience, insights and direction.
  • Run an international competition for 4 International Ice Cream awards

On a daily basis we …


  • Collaborate in selected business aspects – especially in New Product Development and Manufacturing
  • Assist each other with the solution of technical issues
  • Pro-actively share know-how and best practice, e.g. via factory visits and exchange of commercial/technical information
  • Maintain a purchasing managers’ network to reduce procurement costs on a general level
  • Encourage employee exchange programs to transfer know-how and skills, as benchmarking of best practices may improve the efficiency of participating companies
  • Run an Executive Office to facilitate contacts and ongoing cooperation


Meet the 2019 Award Winners.
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Ice Cream is our passion